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      Weigh Shark Scale Configurator
    Enter the product being conveyed.     Handy Conversion Formulas     Idler Type   % Accuracy  
          Enter Metric Tons     CEMA B 18"   1.000%  
    Enter how long is the conveyor in FEET?      = Eng Tons     CEMA B 20"   0.500%  
          Enter Meter/Min      CEMA B 24"   0.250%  
    Enter the belt speed in FEET per Minute      = Ft/Min     CEMA B 30"   0.125%  
           Enter Meters     CEMA B 36"      
    Enter the Idler spacing in FEET     = Feet     CEMA B 42"  
            CEMA B 48"  
    Enter the MAXIMUM output in TONS per HOUR     Scale Criteria     CEMA C 18"   Yes/No Options  
          Idler Type     CEMA C 20"   NO  
    Select CEMA B, C, D, or E Idler Type and WIDTH  
      Idler Width (In)     CEMA C 24"   YES  
    If WING idler is needed, contact our office at 815-622-3181 for more information.   Est. Belt Wt (Lbs)     CEMA C 30"  
    Select Accuracy Desired:  1 % Standard  
      Est. Idler Wt (Lbs)     CEMA C 36"  
          Est. Product Wt (Lbs)     CEMA C 42"    
    Select if a CORROSIVE or WET Application  
      Total  Est. Weight (Lbs)     CEMA C 48"   For RD 2 Set-up  
          Scale Type     CEMA C 54"   Scales 0  
    Scale Required     Multiple Idlers     CEMA C 60"   Scales 1  
          Speed Encoder     CEMA D 24"   Scales 2  
    Optional Configuration for Higher Accuracy        CEMA D 30"   Scales 3  
          Click on a product below for Expanded Details.     CEMA D 36"   Scales 4  
    Select If the Conveyor Angle Change  

    Weigh Shark Standard Belt Scale

    Weigh Shark Multi Idler Scale

    Weigh Shark Heavy Duty Scale

    Weigh Shark Integrator

    Weigh Shark Speed Sensor

    Weigh Shark Heavy Duty Speed Encoder

    Weigh Shark Angle Compensator

    Weigh Shark  Plant Monitoring with
    the Remote Display 3

        CEMA D 42"   Scales 5  
              CEMA D 48"   Scales 6  

          CEMA D 54"   Scales 7  
    Scale Pricing   Items Configured List Price       CEMA D 60"   Scales 8  
    Weigh Shark Scale         CEMA D 72"   Scales 9  
    Additional Load Cell Assemblies Multiple Idler Scale         CEMA E 36"   Scales 10  
    Angle Compensator         CEMA E 42"  
      Total Price Per Scale       CEMA E 48"  
    Accessories                           CEMA E 54"  
    Select The Number of Scales to be Monitored  
                          CEMA E 60"  
    Remote Display 3                       CEMA E 66"  
    Weigh Shark Inside Radio Required                       CEMA E 72"  
    Weigh Shark Outside Radio(s) Required                       CEMA E 84"  
    NOTE:  Other Methods of Communication Possible                           CEMA E 96"  
    Select Weigh Shark Ticket Printer  
                        CEMA B CIT 18  
                              CEMA B CIT 20  
      Grand Total                     CEMA B CIT 24  
                              CEMA B CIT 30  
    Complete the contact information if you choose to submit your response.                       CEMA B CIT 36  
    * Indicates a required field         CEMA B CIT 42  
    Full Name*:       CEMA B CIT 48  
              CEMA C CIT 18  
    Company:       CEMA C CIT 20  
              CEMA C CIT 24  
    Phone*:       CEMA C CIT 30  
              CEMA C CIT 36  
    Email:       CEMA C CIT 42  
              CEMA C CIT 48  
    Comments:       CEMA C CIT 54  
            CEMA C CIT 60  
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