Warranty for Belt Scales,Dry Solid Impact Flow Meter and componets.

MCR Technologies Group, Inc. manufactures the Weigh SharkConveyor Belt Scale and the Weigh Shark SI Dry Solids Impact Flow Meter. MCRTECHNOLOGIES GROUP, INC. offers a 2 Year Limited Warranty on parts againstdefective workmanship and failure. MCR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, INC. will replaceany defective part within the 2 Years of Purchase Date by either sending thereplacement part to the customer or sending a complete assembly to be exchangedwith the defective assembly. MCR will pay Ground Freight expenses to thecustomer. It will be the responsibility of the customer to return their part toMCR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, INC for testing. If MCR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, INC.determines that the returned part or assembly is not covered under the warrantydue to neglect, abuse or misapplication, the customer will be charged to repairor replace the damaged part or assembly. If the customer fails to return theirpart or assembly, MCR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, INC. may charge the customer.

Warranty for Magnets

MCR Technologies Group, Inc. with the manufacture provides a24-month limited warranty. To be free from manufacturing defects. There is alsoa lifetime warranty on all permanent magnets with regular use (i.e., ambienttemperatures and pressures, non-impact applications).

Warranty for AggLink

MCR Technologies Group, Inc. with the manufacture provides aone-year warranty for Agglink hardware.  Warranty does not cover lightningor other natural events or disasters.

Warranty for Cassel Metal Detectors & X-Ray Machines

1 Warranty Period 1.1 Metal detector Warranty period forMetal Detectors is two years (24 month), excl. wearing parts. The warrantyperiod starts with the day of shipment. 1.2 X-ray Scanner Warranty period forX-ray Scanners is two years (24 month), excl. wearing parts, excl. X-ray tube.The warranty period for the X-ray tube is stated in the order confirmation. Thewarranty period starts with the day of shipment. 2 Normal Use This warranty isonly valid for normal use of the device according to the operator manual. Thewarranty can only cover defects which are not caused by miss-use, lack ofmaintenance or other incidents out of Cassel`s control. Damages resulting fromthe use of non-Cassel parts or non-authorized service for repair or maintenancecannot be claimed. 3 Wearing parts Wearing parts can only be covered by thewarranty if they arrive damaged at the customer site, excl. damages caused bywrong transport. They must be claimed in written form (eg. email) within 14days after arrival at the customer’s site. Cassel may request pictures of theparts, the whole device, or devices near the Metal detector/X-ray Scanner inthe production line. 4 Repair and Replacement In the first 6 month of thewarranty period, broken parts will be repaired or replaced with new spareparts. 5 Cassel recommends that all repairs, replacements, and maintenanceshould only be performed by a trained, Cassel-authorized technician. To ensureproper operation Cassel recommends following the operator manual.

Warranty for EAB Aggregate Metal Detectors

Manufactures 2 Year Limited Warranty on parts against defective workmanship and failure.

Warranty for Kiepe Safety Equipment

Warranty for Repairs/Time Limits • We issue a warranty of 12months as of delivery of the repair on the works carried out as well as the spare parts used. • In case of a fault to be borne by us, we reserve the right to eliminate the defect. In case we are either not able or not willing to eliminate the defect or its elimination is delayed over and above reasonable time limits due to causes to be borne by us or does the defect elimination fail in any other way, the customer is entitled to a reduction of the repair price or to withdraw from the repair contract. • Defects that are due to a cause to be borne by the customer are not included in our warranty. This includes defects caused by improper measures or measures not in compliance with there pair contract to be borne by the customers in relation with the shipping, mounting, connecting, commissioning, operating or storage of the repaired device. • Repair invoices are due as of receipt of the invoice. 10. RepairCosts and Payment • The charges for the repairs are calculated according to the incurred expenses, namely repair time and used spare parts. • In case we supply an exchange device and keep the defective the device as the new owner, we will charge average repair costs as incurred in the past for this model. However, this procedure requires the repair of the defective device to be economic. •Repair invoices are due as of receipt of the invoice.

Warranty for Cassel Metal Detectors & X-Ray Machines